(Accepted for World Congress on Special Needs Education - 2016)

These faces..."are brilliant for identifying the line thickness the child needs for
anything one wants the child to learn from...
"  (Professor Gordon N. Dutton)

       Now adults can use Puppetface in the Sensory Room and Ultraviolet light.
             This will eliminate those annoying background visual distractions.

The two most important questions parents, teachers and carers ask on behalf of a child are……‘what can I see?’ & ‘where can I see it?’……practical and meaningful questions necessary for daily living and teaching strategies.

Black-lite Puppetface’ gives valuable information on visual awareness, areas of visual field being used and practical indicators such as where to place objects of interest.

You can video to demonstrate to adults at home and school which is the best side to show
a child a picture - and how big it must be.

The design, materials and format have been chosen for UVA reflection quality. It is easy to use and still has the same size faces as the daylight version. There are no pieces to drop
or search for; a ring booklet is used initially and later a specific single card - both easily managed. Faces are clearly numbered for the assessor and full instructions are given.

Black-lite Puppetface’ is a useful assessment for a wide range of children and is also a
practical and more simple format for use in daylight settings such as the orthoptic clinic.
These are the same size faces as in 'Puppetface'




‘Black-lite Puppetface’

o     Ring booklet for
     Puppetfaces 1 – 6
o     Single cards pack for
     Puppetfaces 1 – 6
o    Assessment Instructions for
    UVA in Sensory Rooms
o    CD